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. For 1 1/4" Slip Joint connections.

Key Features.

Slip joint washer.

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1 1/4" × 1 1/4 " Plastic: 00000000.

This allows the washer to slip into the joint better, providing a better seal. To keep 90° countersunk screws from loosening in vibration applications, the teeth on these washers bite further into the screw head and joint than standard external-tooth lock washers for a more secure hold. Spec.

Jul 11, 2009 · This item LASCO 02-2283 Plastic/Poly 1-1/2-Inch Beveled Slip Joint Washers Plumb Pak PP25519-20 Beveled Slip Joint Washer, 1-1/2 in, Polyethylene, 1. .


Beveled design.

25 with Mail-In Rebate. Size: 1-1/2-Inch.

5 Inch Danco 81086 Slip Joint Washer Assortment, Plastic, White. If the drainpipe and P-trap connections are offset, the connections are cross-threaded or you suspect that compression washers are faulty, you will need to remove then reinstall the P-trap properly.

1-1/2 in.
Danco 86809 Slip Joint Nut and Washer, Plastic, White.
1 1/4" × 1 1/4 " Plastic: 00000000.



Key Features. . TPE Beveled Washers (2-Pack) are ideal for 1-1/2 in.

Dearborn® Plastic Tubular Slip Joint Washers. It is finished in white and designed for use in tubular drain applications. . LASCO 03-4319 White Plastic Tubular 1-1/2-Inch Flexible, Extendable, Slip Joint Extension with Nut and Washer 4. Slip-Resistant Shim Plates. Beneath that metal slip nut is a rubber or PVC washer.

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Made of polyethylene plastic. <span class=" fc-falcon">Dearborn® Plastic Tubular Slip Joint Washers.



These washers surpass most other plastic washers when it comes to withstanding chemicals, oil, and grease.

Rubber and plastic slip joint washers are usually tapered at one end.

A variety of sizes, styles, and finishes are available,.