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5 for Finland means: If the team wins or draws, your bet wins.

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5-0 in terms of the bet.

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How did you come to know he's an "Away" player? You should be informed which club is his "Home" club.


It represents the bet on winning of guests with the account that from a final real score of a fight 2. The broken number in the given betting variation denotes that the push option is not.

North Ireland. The betting principle for this handicap is the same as for +0.

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50 team, your bet would be a winner if the bet ended in either A win or draw for your team, or even if they lost by no more than 1 goal in the game.
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Also, as with all other handicap bets, in the 3-way handicap market, teams are given a positive or negative handicap, such as the example below: Home Team (-1) - Away.

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In the long run, "H" or "A" means nothing in the calculation. As the name says, when you are placing a 3-way handicap bet, there are three possible outcomes, home win, away win, and draw.

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In other words, this kind of betting means that an Away team.