Squid Game, or Ojingeo Geim, is a Korean action-adventure-thriller series written and directed by Dong-hyuk Hwang and starring Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Heo Sung-tae, Wi Ha-joon and Jung Ho-yeon, alongside other cast members. .

) Since it is played immediatly after the front man's brother is killed, I did wonder if there is a love story.


. . 15 October 2021.

Dec 4, 2021 · Fly me to the moon (Squid Game Version) Amy B.

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Fly me to the moon (Squid Game Version) Amy B. Any Squid Game fan knows this to be true.

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Fly me to the moon (Squid Game Version) 01:37.
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Oct 24, 2021 · Perhaps the most popular and most remembered song scored in the series, any Squid Game fan knows this to be true: “Fly Me to the Moon” just hits differently these days.


. . Fly me to the moon (Squid Game Version) Amy B.

Netflix describes the series as: Hundreds of cash. Oct 15, 2021 · Meet Joo Won Shin, the Korean Singer Behind Squid Game’s Haunting "Fly Me to the Moon" Cover. The renowned jazz hit adopts a darker essence in the record-smashing drama's. . Share. it was honored to be part of the Netflix seriesSquid Game’ for the OST numbers! Check it out, it's now available to watch and hear me singing ‘Fly Me to The Moon’🌝💛.

Stream fly me to the moon - squid game ver.

15 October 2021 by Victoria Messina. 314 by London Philharmonic Orchestra (Hans-Jürgen Walther), London Philharmonic Orchestra (Hans-Jürgen Walther) & Franz Welser-Möst,.


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Joo Won is the singer who sings Frank Sinatra's Fly Me To The Moon at the end credits of Squid Game Episode 1! Unfortunately due to her terms, she is unable to upload the Netflix Studio version to her YouTube.

34K views 1 year ago #SquidGame.